Its About time

Our Story

How much is time worth to you?

No matter what, you cannot buy time back. And in business, you live from adding value in time – no matter what.

With 30 years of experience in creating electrical cabinets of all kinds, time has come – to save time. We created part, that saves time, improves quality, and at the same time – it costs a fraction of initial costs of instalation.

Our product

Forget about connecting each connection of earth back to divider. Connecting it to ground plate saves whole procedure,

Reduce cabling

Cable is main component in electrical cabinets – but not for everything! Safe connection of earth can also be realised with assistance of direct connection to housing, and so reducing your time to finish for more than 70%

Works with:

– Weidmüller XXXXX

– Weidmüller XXXXX

– Weidmüller XXXXX


Business is about timing – bringing product to end customer faster, for better price. With Nioma, your electrical cabinets can be realised faster.


– assembly in Weidmüller connector in 10s

CE certified

– 2 options – high and low DIN Rail

16mm2 connection

perfect connection to Weidmüller surge protection



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